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 Ok – so we don’t have white beards (at least not all of us), but we may as well have magic wands when it comes to the work we do for our clients in the digital marketing realm. Don’t believe us?

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Clients of when&how don’t experience a service; they experience a partnership, which is why we experience a 98% client retention rate. Simply put, our partners trust us. Let’s highlight this with a little Wizardry 101.

Wizardry 101

With new technology at their fingertips and user-generated content at the push of a button, the customer journey has changed dramatically and continues to evolve. The problem: customer acquisition strategies don’t align with this new purchasing behavior and business owners get less return (and sometimes even go out of business) because they’re marketing for the competition. 

The Customer Journey In Action

Let’s look at it this way: You have a business — selling magic wands (of course) — and you’re advertising your business following traditional methods to drive traffic to your website (if you have one), your physical business (if customers can find it), or both.

Now, your target customer — let’s call him Merlin (no reason) — just checked-in on social media at his favorite local coffee shop and is posting a rave review on facebook about his fabulously frothy latte his barista whipped up for him. It’s so good, he blasts a picture of it out to all his instagram and twitter followers. All this from his mobile smart phone. Merlin is obviously an advocate for the brands and businesses that he loves.

Awareness & Interest

Scrolling through his feed, he sees an ad for a new wand that turns slippers into rubies and decides, he’s got to buy one for his girlfriend, Glinda (again, no reason). Your targeted ad has been served to Merlin based on his search behavior.  This is the interest and awareness stage of his journey. 

Intent to Purchase

It is important to win EVERY stage, and here’s why: Merlin’s Interest has been peaked, he clicks on the ad and is re-directed to your website, but when he gets there it is not mobile optimized and he abandons the site. That’s not just merlin — by the way — Over 85% of consumers will abandon a poorly designed site.


Merlin turns to searching Google for the magic wand, and a list of your competitors come up. He’s not sure who to choose, so he reads customer reviews about their businesses and sees that his good friend, Gandalf (yeah, we know) gave your competition 5 stars.

Purchase & Advocacy

He clicks on the link to their site (which is mobile friendly and optimized for conversions) and finds everything he needs to make his purchase. Now, you have just paid for Merlin to become an advocate of your competitor. Watch the video below to see one example of the customer journey in action. 

What marketing for the competition looks like.

Don’t Market For Your Competition.
Optimize to Convert.

No one customer journey is the same. Want to learn more about optimizing your digital marketing efforts for the new buyer journey? Let’s find out if you’re marketing for your competition TODAY.

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Client Commendations

We came to when&how Communications for a complete brand relaunch after several years in our Dubai-based business.  We needed everything from a new logo to a new website, from sales collateral to messaging guidance.  The people at when&how came through for us in every respect, providing us with a brand presence that was cheered both internally and by our clients.  Highly recommended.

Sargon Heinrich

Co-Founder & CEO, COG International

Our consortium of 5 widely disparate international businesses was at a loss as to how to present and integrate our capabilities cleanly and effectively to sophisticated audiences (target clients) of differing backgrounds.  The effort required a creative approach involving visual, textual and technological elements culminating in fantastic marketing tools that have proven to be highly effective. when&how Communications continues to deliver above and beyond with our projects. We are glad to have partnered with such a dedicated and creative team.

Richard Wilson

EVP, Business Development, CEG International

Before we started our SEO program with when&how communications, we were just one plumber in the list of thousands. We now rank on the front pages of search engines and are getting more business than we’ve ever had before. when&how really stands by their values and champions their client partners. We have a great working relationship with them and wouldn’t change a thing.

Jason Kapus

Owner, Aquaduct Plumbing Services

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